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"I’m thankful for the year I could spend as a Media Missionary at LifeStyleTV."

I’m thankful for the year I could spend as a Media Missionary at LifeStyleTV. It was a blessing to be part of a faith-based media ministry, working with other people who wanted to make a  difference through media. It’s a great way to use media skills in missionary work! Even though I haven’t continued in media, I have been able to use the skills I developed in other ministry settings.


Since LifeStyleTV is a small faith-based ministry, there were opportunities to develop in other practical areas as well. For example, my plant-based cooking skills improved during the year. As a bonus, I developed many friendships which are still dear to me.


If you’re interested in media work and would like to use your time and talents for God, definitely consider LifeStyleTV. It’s a great opportunity to work in the countryside with other like-minded individuals and still be able to reach thousands of people!


Marianne Rygnestad


"My two years at LifeStyleTV were the most  valuable years of my life."

My two years at LifeStyleTV were the most valuable years of my life. To be among mission-minded staff members and to learn from them, to be among other volunteers – that changed my direction in life. I had the opportunity, not only to learn different areas of media and discover in which of them I could grow most, but also to learn and use different practical life skills. This was an environment in which I believe God could work in me most.


I left LifeStyleTV with a mission in mind and although I'm using these skills in secular media work, I also use these God-given talents in the Latvian church conference and in different church projects. God is awesome, He lets you learn and enjoy technology, shapes your character, inspires you with a vision, and gives you direction and purpose in His work – LifeStyleTV is an incredible place to be.

Agris Janisauskis


"I’m thankful for the year I could spend as a Media Missionary at LifeStyleTV."

In 2006, I was privileged to be part of the Media Missionary program offered by LifeStyleTV. During that one-year program, I not only had a chance to see the actual workflow of a professional media production, but more importantly I understood the powerful role of media in the last days, and how to utilize it to spread present truth more effectively.


Traveling from the other side of the world didn't make me a stranger at LifeStyleTV, because I was warmly welcomed by the team. More than a working relationship, the staff were like family, mentoring me. They always shared their honest advice and valuable experiences. These not only equipped me to be a better missionary worker, but also gave me a chance to be a better Christian and prepare for Christ's return.


Before I became a full-time missionary worker, I was a computer programmer who was satisfied with a comfortable life in the world. But the world could never quench my thirst for Christ, so I decided to quit my job and join the LifeStyleTV Media Missionary program. I hoped to find a new vision for my life, and I did. My life changed completely.


I've been deeply inspired by Claus Nybo's testimony about how he was inspired by the media production experience that he gained in the U.S. to reach out to his people. After the year at LifeStyleTV, I went back to Malaysia and with my trustworthy friends, we founded a supporting ministry which focuses on producing Chinese TV programs to spread present truth to mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Chinese speaking communities around the world. We started small, but God has blessed us greatly. We started with borrowed cameras from friends, squeezed into a tiny office. Today, we have multiple  professional cameras, and a multi-function recording studio.


I have now worked 12 years in the media missionary field. It has never been a smooth journey, but I have never regretted quitting my job and stepping out of my comfort zone. The time I had at LifeStyleTV was one of the best, most inspiring experiences of my life. If you have just finished college and don’t know what your next step is, or if you are tired of ordinary office life and want a break in order to achieve more, I'd like to recommend you join the LifeStyleTV Media Missionary program. Even if your goal isn’t to become a media missionary, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in this program. You will see your true potential and find a new vision for your life.

Aaron Lew


"Even though it is very time-consuming, it is worth it to win souls."

The LifeStyleTV Media Missionary program had a great impact on my life. While all of the volunteers helped with many aspects of production, each one had a specialty area. I worked specifically with motion graphics and gained a lot from that experience. Besides the media production work, we took part in many different everyday tasks: cooking delicious Scandinavian food, picking berries, farming in the garden, cleaning up messes after we had fun, and of course morning worships and praying together as a family. We too had our personal time with God and were able to exercise in unpolluted, fresh air – quite a balanced lifestyle.


There were many exciting and happy moments at LifestyleTV. Some of the most motivating times were when the president read viewer emails, how some of the programs we produced touched and changed lives. Then I realized how important the work of media is for the gospel. Even though it is very time-consuming, it is worth it to win souls.


With the media skills God has given me, I am currently elected as the Honorary Communication Director for Peninsular Malaysia Mission.


One of the things I learned during media work is summarized in this quote: “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” Quoted from Mark Victor Hansen.

Donny Tan


"The memories I made at LifeStyleTV have been an encouragement to me in tough times."

I remember my year as a Media Missionary at LifeStyleTV as one of the best years of my life. Seeking adventure and mission, I took the leap and moved to Sweden to become one of the second generation of Media Missionaries. The people were so much fun and the dreams
they had were even bigger than mine. I enjoyed working together, eating together and living together, sort of like a “work-dorm-family-friend” environment. I got to use my practical skills to help further the construction of the tv-station, and in return I got to learn new skills,
make dear friends, strengthen my faith in God and get guidance to mature.


The memories I made at LifeStyleTV have been an encouragement to me in tough times. With God leading me through a lot of different things after that year, some media-related and others not at all, He brought me back to help start LifeStyleTV anew at a bigger location than before. God is good and He has a purpose for this ministry and for me. I am so grateful that I can be a part of it yet again. I’m looking forward to seeing you take the leap and be a part of the LifeStyleTV ministry and a “work-dorm-family-friend” community!

Anna María Ólafsdóttir

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