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LifeStyleTV provides relevant, meaningful and life-changing programing 24×7 to Scandinavia. Our lifestyle focused and Bible-based programs seek to bring life together, as a whole ­– physically, mentally and spiritually.

We welcome you, and hope you will enjoy our wide variety of programs, including: health, cooking, exercise, seminars, music, nature, sermons, family issues, interviews, talk-shows, Bible-studies and more. You will find programs in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.
 LifeStyleTV is available all over northern Europe free-to-air on the THOR 6 satellite, and throughout Scandinavia via Canal Digital’s satellite packages. All of our programs and resources are also freely available worldwide via the Internet. 

After 13 years in Skåne LifeStyleTV has moved to beautiful Värmland, Sweden. Here, in the rural setting of Arvika, we house our production center for locally produced and adapted programs, and also our master control from where programs are scheduled and send to Copenhagen for uplink to the satellite.


LifeStyleTV Broadcasting Network AB and LifeStyleTV Productions AB is owned and operated by a Swedish registered non-profit foundation, LifeStyleTV Insamlingsstiftelse. LifeStyleTV is financed entirely by donations and sponsorships from individuals, organizations and businesses, making us organizationally and financially independent of any religious or political organization. If you enjoy our programing, please consider supporting LifeStyleTV with a donation.

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