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During the summer of 2018 LifeStyleTV moved its operations and studio 500 km /300 miles further north in Sweden, with a vision to expand its reach and impact.

William Cowper writes in the lines of one of my favorite hymns, “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.” For 14 years, LifeStyleTV has been broadcasting the Three Angels’ Messages via satellite to Scandinavia from a tiny little studio in Southern Sweden. During these years we have seen countless miracles, but this is one we had not expected, and weren’t even praying for. We had been praying to be able to build a new studio, though, for seven years, and finally we had the building permit, the funding in hand, and the ground-breaking ceremony had been held. The only thing missing was the signature on the
contract with the building contractors. It was then that the Lord quite unexpectedly drew our attention to a new opportunity — a property with an already existing studio.

As we followed the indications of His mysterious leading step by step, we realized that the Lord had other plans for LifeStyleTV. So instead of building a new studio, we decided to move to Hagegården, a facility with a studio already in place the same size as what we had planned to build, and all for about the same price as building. Hagegården is located between Oslo and Stockholm and is nestled in scenic natural surroundings. In addition to the studio it includes thirteen 4-star hotel rooms, a conference room and a beautiful cafeteria. All this would have been reason enough to justify a move, but as we learned of the history and original purpose for which Hagegården was built, we realized an even greater plan.


“My idea is to help keep artists healthy, so artists can help keep the world healthy.”

In the mid-1980’s, Håkan Hagegård, a famous Swedish opera singer, had an idea that would form the basis of Hagegården Music Center, which he built and opened in 1992. “My idea is to help keep artists healthy, so artists can help keep the world healthy.” That idea was so unique that The New York Times published an article in 1997 featuring Hagegård’s vision. “As his career flourished, he saw all around him the hazards of his profession: commercialism, loneliness and, ultimately, burnout. During the mid-1980’s, he was inspired by the American psychiatrist Peter Ostwald, who had spearheaded a holistic medical support program for performing artists. ‘He said it was actually physically necessary to slow down,’ Mr. Hagegard said. ‘Your body and brain demand rest in order to produce the chemicals you need to think new thoughts.

Just the idea of moving LifeStyleTV’s whole operation six hours north was quite overwhelming and only after much prayer did we finally contact the realtor. After making an appointment to see the property, we arrived to find the building locked and no one there. The realtor had forgotten to communicate with the owner who was on vacation in Spain, so we walked around outside and peered into the windows. Just as we were driving away, the realtor excitedly called to let us know that the owner had unexpectedly returned a day early and would be there in 5 minutes. As we greeted the owner, he had a puzzled look on his face and inquired, “Where have I met you before?” As it turned out, he and his wife have been watching LifeStyleTV for years and recognized Theresa and me. So right from the beginning God’s providence was evident.

Otherwise, all you’re doing is rearranging and recycling the same old thoughts.’” (1) With this background, Hagegården Music Center was built. Through the years, many concerts and musical events at Hagegården have drawn large audiences and touched millions through live music broadcasts on SVT (Sweden’s national public television).


For the last ten years, Hagegården was run as a hotel and conference center by other owners. During this time, they did a great job of freshening up the interior and giving it a more modern Scandinavian look, yet tactfully keeping it in line with the original design. A thermal heating system was also installed, drastically lowering the operational cost of the


As the board of LifeStyleTV counselled and prayed, tracing the clear path of providential leading, they concluded that this was indeed God’s will. The whole facility, complete with furnishings, was secured for about one-seventh of its insured value. LifeStyleTV’s acquisition of Hagegården provides a unique opportunity to realize a greater plan by taking the vision and media-expertise of LifeStyleTV, and the history of Hagegården, to create a powerful combination of a Retreat Center and a Media Center. This is a place where guests can find rest for mind and soul, and experience the power of a balanced lifestyle, and where the creativity and ideas for lifestyle resources and TV-programs can be given free rein. It is with a certain humbleness that we have stepped into this magnificent facility with so much history. We wish to build on Hagegården’s past as we look towards the future, envisioning what this place can become through Gods blessings and guidance. Our experience in finding this new location and opportunity for LifeStyleTV can best be summarized with the words of the Apostle Paul: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” — Ephesians 3:20-21.


Hagegården is a place where the public have frequented, and the doors are wide open to use this facility as a community center to connect with local people. Since the closest Adventist church is over two-hours away, we are now starting a new church plant. Alongside the scattered Adventists from around the large area who have not had a place to worship,


this also gives a perfect opportunity for our new neighbors to find a welcoming spiritual fellowship. Beside the weekly church services, activities include concerts, health expos, cooking classes, Sunday brunches and much more. Hagegården provides many unique opportunities for new types of productions. Some of the new ideas include, music/concerts, programs with a live audience, and reality-style shows.

By Claus Nybo, President of LifeStyleTV

1. The New York Times: A Swedish Opera Star Who Is Serious About the Health of Burned-
Out Artists, by Cori Ellison – Dec. 14, 1997

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